FHA Mortgage Lists

FHA mortgage lists can be selected by FICO scores, FHA loan date, FHA mortgage amount, and each mortgage broker has the option of selecting the criteria for their FHA mortgage lists to conduct the most responsive FHA mortgage campaign. The challenge lies in selecting the right leads for optimum performance.

Call us at 888-878-5478 to discuss your FHA mortgage list options.

FHA mortgage lists are by far the best loan program for poor credit / low fico borrowers who want to get into a home with a low out of pocket down payment. FHA mortgage rates are usually no more than conventional good credit jumbo rates and often only slightly more than conforming Fannie Mae. This is a huge relief for borrowers whose credit has been negatively affected because of unfortunate circumstances. The alternative for those with credit scores below 620 is usually a much higher rate subprime loan program with fixed rates starting at least 2 percent above normal conventional Fannie Mae / Jumbo loan programs. If you need to buy a home and do not have time to let your credit completely heal, or save a larger down payment, FHA is the way to go.

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