VA Mortgage Leads

VA Mortgage marketing lists can be selected by VA mortgage loan date, VA mortgage loan amount, mortgage interest rate, loan rate type, lender name, loan to value (LTV), etc., and each mortgage company knows from experience what kinds of criteria selects work best for them. The challenge lies in selecting the right VA mortgage list for optimum performance.

VA mortgage mailing lists are a great source for mortgage loan refinancing because they're not targeted as often and by as many mortgage brokers as some other mortgage lists, such as sub prime mortgage lists, FICO mortgage lists, adjustable rate mortgage lists, etc., etc., etc..

We can also target VA mortgages that also have a 2nd mortgage which is a great target to help them consolidate some of their high interest rate debt and write off the payments.

Give us a call for your next VA mortgage mailing list or if you prefer telemarketing, we can run a count for just the leads that are not on the national Do Not Call list yet. Or better yet, if you're doing a mailing campaign to VA mortgage loan holders then we can give you phone numbers where available so after you send out the mailing you can call the ones with phone numbers as an added chance to close the loan. Some people "procrastinate" and if you follow up your mailing with a phone call then your mailing will be even more successful.

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