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Mortgage lead marketing lists can be selected by FICO score or Beacon scores (either prescreen offer or not), FHA or VA mortgage leads, sub prime mortgage leads, non conforming loans, conforming mortgage leads, etc., and each mortgage lead order can be selected by mortgage loan date, mortgage loan amount, mortgage loan to value, etc..

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Some mortgage brokers specialize in certain types of loans and only want to go after those customers. Leads brokers have devised ways to let their customers cherry pick the leads that they want, and to get real-time updates as leads come in. With all the competition in the mortgage business, time is of the essence.

Many mortgage lead generators use deceptive practices to generate mortgage leads. Mortgage companies should know by now to avoid those types of leads. Leads that are generated in a straightforward manner are the best leads and easiest to close. When a homeowner requests to be contacted by a mortgage lead website, it's the same as they walked directly into your office. Now it's up to you to close the sale.

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